Genedor Beauty is designed to meet the anti aging and hair care needs of all individuals.  Our products have been carefully crafted to be effective power houses...yet gentle on the skin.  We have a goal of transforming every one of our clients to a state of beauty, class, and sophistication. View Post
  • Break up with flakes and crunch!!!

    THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME FOR YOU TO LEAVE!!! Have you been married to flakes and crunch all for the sake of having defined curls? Genedor Beauty grants you the right to walk away and step into a world of soft, beautiful, juicy, and bouncy curls that never flake like a blizzard, or feel as h... View Post
  • The Drone Has Landed!!!

    What is Infinite cosmetic "Drone" technology? Brighter skin the intelligent wayX50 is a brightening active ingredient based on the Infinitec “smart” capsule technology that helps to even out the skin tone and give the skin a more luminous glow. It lightens and brightens discolored and hyper-pigme... View Post