The Drone Has Landed!!!

What is Infinite cosmetic "Drone" technology?

Brighter skin the intelligent way

X50 is a brightening active ingredient based on the Infinitec “smart” capsule technology that helps to even out the skin tone and give the skin a more luminous glow. It lightens and brightens discolored and hyper-pigmented areas and only where needed and does not affect secondary or surrounding areas.

X50 encapsulates a specifically designed peptide that inhibits the tyrosinase expression. This capsule has been designed to be selectively directed to the melanocytes through a peptidic ligand located in the outer layers of the capsule, which shows a high affinity for the αMSH receptors.

X50 was designed to block the melanogenic reactions induced by UV triggered by the stimulation of membrane receptors aMSH (peptidic ligand) and to inhibit the genetic expression of tyrosinase by the encapsulated peptide. This allows the ingredient to recognize and target the melanocytes with accuracy thereby giving maximum results with maximum efficacy for a more even and balanced skin tone.

The Drone has landed at Genedor Beauty!!! Our Even Tone Retinol PM Therapy contains X50 Drone Technology!!!

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