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Are your products designed for everyone?

Our product was designed for all skin tones, skin types, hair textures, and hair types.  Please read our ingredient lists.  If you have a sensitivity to any ingredient provided, please consult your physician prior to using.

How soon will I see results using your skin care?

Results will vary based upon the severity of aging, and/or discoloration.  When used as directed, an improvement can be seen in as little a 3-4 weeks.

I have a skin and hair care regimen that I currently love.  Are your products safe to use with other lines?

Our products are designed to be effective yet gentle enough to pair with most product lines on the market.  We advise you to do a test area to check for an undesirable reaction.  

Will the Even Tone Retinol Complex Treatment lighten my skin too much?

No it will not. The Even Tone Retinol Complex is designed with Infinitec Smart Technology which has a drone delivery system.  The Drone technology transports powerful ingredients directly to the source of the dark pigmentation. It will not effect the color of the surrounding skin.  

Should I use a sunscreen when using your skincare products?

Yes. The use of an SPF of 30 or higher is recommended when using any skincare regimen.  

Are the Gummy Supplements safe for children?

The recommended dose of our Gummies is set at an adult level. For individuals age 12 years old and under, please consult with a physician prior to using our supplements.

What hair types are your hair products designed for?

Our hair products are designed for all hair types and textures.